Week 16

This week also has been pretty good.  I continue to like the “focus” on my reality.  I like the looking and doing the acts of kindness idea, and have been sharing it on the kindness blog.  I think about this course a lot lately which I like and kinda feel like maybe similar to an addiction which is weird because I don’t have an addictive type of personality.  I do have to learn to separate my personal life with this course a little bit more.  My wife has said that when I’m with her now she feels I’m not completely there and or I’m bring up the master key course quit a bit.  she is completely on board with the course but I’m getting a little bit compulsive with it at times.

It’s a process.   I’m learning to adapt to now having it as part of my life.  Its great



Week 15

Missed a few blogs.  Had to work 3 weeks in a camp.  long hours in the cold Canadian winter.  I’m still a part of this course as much as ever.  I have been  doing my seats  reads and flash cards every day.  I print out and I watch each lesson and try to absorb and follow along with Mark as best as i can.

It working for me, good things are happening around me.  People are helping me all the time.  I’m changing a lot. This is what is happening.  I’m aware of what I allow my suby to hear now.  I find that I’m getting wrapped up in the moment all the time.  I’m becoming very aware of what happens to me now more and more with each passing week.   I’m paying so much attention to my surroundings.  I take nothing for granted or lightly anymore.  I’m gaining momentum.   I’m still  committed to changing my life in this way.  I will never quit.

I don’t ever remember feeling like this.  a whole new experience.   Its like the words I’m   saying each day.

I am whole,  perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and HAPPY

Week 12

Had a good week, getting caught up on the required tasks, I have been rereading the old weeks to make sure nothing has fallen threw the cracks and to familiarize my self again with all the different things we have been doing.  Has been real good.  What I have to be careful of is not over exhaust my self. I tend to read late one night then wake up early and want to continue than work all day just to find my self exhausted that night and unable to read much until I get some rest.  So its a been a bit of a on again off again,  but I’m learning.  Like Mark and the crew say “its a process”.  But I have to say a couple of things happened this week that proved my faith in this idea of attracting what you think. First was when my wife and I were moving a dresser out of our daughters house to my truck.  It was so heavy that to get it to the truck we were sliding it on towels and boards. We were probably a comical site now that I think back.   As we were getting out the door and closer to the truck all I could think about was how were we going to left it in to the truck, for I was sure that my wife would get hurt if she had do that heavy lift.  Just as we were getting the dresser done the front door step a good Samaritan driving by stops, runs over to us and offers a helping hand. We thanked him and he went on his way.  My wife was so surprised and happy she told everyone about it.  There is no doubt in my mind that I helped attract this event.  The second thing which is a lot smaller but still affected me as strongly was that someone neatly hung on my truck door handle a nice still wrapped candy cane. This was at the local grocery store parking lot yesterday.  I quickly looked around to see if anyone else had this good fortune but I could not see any others, I was the only one.  So I think as the saying goes “prof is in the pudding” Its working already.  I missed this weeks live webinar and watched it recorded just this wed and wow did that reading in the mirror and the achievement cards have an effect on me.  Really is bring out the emotions and feelings in me now when I read threw them.  These feelings and emotions are staying with me threw the rest of the daily reads so I do them first.  Those achievement cards are like espresso coffee.  Just short phrases one at a time but very strong emotions of achievement attached to each one.

Week 11

Lost a week some were, so this one is for 2 weeks.  Busy time right now in my personal life which is still making it hard to focus and progress as I would like to be doing on this course. It will get better after Xmas.  I’m still doing the sites and reads for the most part.  I’m still committed and I completely believe in the system.  I have something I discovered and need to share because it is important.  At the start of the program I thought that just getting threw the reads was what counted.  You know just read the darn stuff just like I have always read all my life.  I didn’t understand how to read with feeling and enthusiasm.  Never did it before.  But lately like in the last 2-3 weeks I have started to really focus and make it a point to think about  focusing on the meaning of what I read.  really concentrate and get excited about it. Spend mental energy as I read.  If I find that any other thought popped into my mind during any part of the read than that just means that I reread that part over again until I have done all my reads with no other thoughts interfering.  This has made such a difference in my whole out look.  It has proved to me with out a doubt this Master key system does work. The biggest  difference it makes when you can do this is you start to think about it all day long and because the feeling is a good felling I want to think about it more.

I promise to never stop the “MASTER KEY”

I always keep my promises



Week 9

I’m starting to see progress with things that I do day to day and in all the people  I meet and talk to.  Most tasks that I do are turning out very well, and what I think is happening is that the sits every morning are mentally preparing me for the daily challenges and the reads are getting threw to subby.  So what I find is any problem I come upon is now being viewed by subby as a opportunity to know the right direction and is not something to get upset by anymore. I find myself now maybe even looking forward to doing tasks because I’ve come to expect them to go well. Another change is almost everyone I now talk to is opening up more than I expect and is really receptive to what I say to them.  It is like they can sense that I like them and that I’m interested in them.  They open up way more than ever before.

All the exercises we do are helping a lot.  It is forcing me to draw out feelings that for what ever reason have been suppressed.  I think we were never allowed show them because it was a sign of weakness??  So as it is very difficult for me to get threw the tasks and I struggle to keep up it is having a profound effect on me…and I love it



Week 8

Life still continues to get in the way. I’m starting to see now it is my subby that is still controlling me. I believe now that I’m aware of it it will help me to change. I continue to be behind in my course but as long as I persist I will win eventually. This is a process I now realize and I will continue to change. I am still doing the reads the sits Etc but I’m behind on some of the course material in the last couple of weeks. So I am making progress and I believe it is helping because things I am doing day-to-day are working out. if I plan something the plan works very well so I believe my subby in that way is helping me

Week 7

This week was a lot of catch up as I missed week 6 when I had almost a week of training out of town. When you miss 1 week than the next week can be confusing.  I had to do some double time trying to catch up.  Where I’m at is I really like the master mind course concept, I’m finding it hard to find enough time to absorb all the information than be able to put on our cards and posters our thoughts on what we want our future to be.  but slowly its coming together and I’m always optimistic.